Experiencing Oneness-the Unexpected Element

Experiencing Oneness: the Unexpected Element

quite what I expected to hear say….. “Are you willing to be inconvenienced? “I barely thought for a moment before emphatically exclaiming, “Yes anything, I just want to know what it is to experience this oneness with you!”
That theme had been running through my soul for a couple months..? Oneness with God…to be one with Him… What exactly did it mean? I knew He lived in me, and was all around… So what was this echo in my soul I kept hearing? Oneness with God…there seemed to be an invitation in the words.

On the drive in to the city I was lost in His presence, Experiencing His tangible Love. There was an intensity to it I’d not known before..my whole being knew then what the psalmist, prophet, king, David had experienced when he penned: My heart & flesh cry out, for you the living God; your spirit is water for my soul, so my whole being longs for you.

Now standing at the jewelry counter just days before Christmas, my mind was transfixed, not on the gold and sparkling gems, but on what had transpired during that last 3/4 hour of the drive. I’d asked Him, what does it Really mean to be One with you? How do I experience it fully?  He replied,” Are you willing to be inconvenienced? In awe of everything I’d experienced thus far with God, caution was flung aside, in my resounding “Yes!”

“Then be ready,” I heard within. I left the store with my distraction, smiling as the fragrance of His presence flowed with me as I went, wafting as strong as any young girl’s zealous application of her favorite perfume…it seemed as though a vial of it were being poured out from the heavens, and I breathed it in as I went.
After that time, I found that in the midst of my busy life, Suddenlys occurred…Suddenly when I was doing one thing… I would be drawn into another. Suddenly & often. And I began to set aside what I was doing, to take the five minutes to reply to a text now instead of later & by the spirit of God in me, suddenly hearing the thoughts & feeling the emotions of another that I might reach out to them.

And ten or fifteen more minutes in the grocery store when the woman who I passed in the aisle & said hi to, stopped her cart & within moments shared her grieving heart. It was who told her sister not to go to the doctor, “it was nothing,” but now she was gone, a few months had taken her…so with my heart feeling the pain of hers, I prayed with her to know the God of all Comfort’s ease in her own heart.

An hour on the phone answering questions when I should have been doing my course work, more talking rather than sleeping when fear & anxiety knocked on someones door just as they were trying to get some rest–on and on they’ve come… these “inconveniences”.

I didnt always yeild myself so willingly….I debated & ignored on occasion. Once out walking on the golf course, I noticed a man who seemed to have a brace on his knee. I was contemplating praying for him for healing as I spied him out, when I heard the Lord whisper- ‘Go over there, ‘I peered safely from a distance a moment longer & then asked increduously, “Is that a Prostheses!?,” and froze. Again I heard Him softly whisper; this time saying; ‘Go home daughter”, and heart heavy, I did, again regretting my selfish choice….

Another time , I’d awkwardly left the middle of worship practice when a lady came in at nine-thirty am before the service saying; “Can you take me to emergency? I don’t feel well at all,” and then having sat beside the gurney praying, thinking to God, “THIS is Real Christianity isnt it?”

Remembering this occasion amidst others caused me to begin to understand; All those incidences were part of experiencing Oneness with God. They were the reason for His question “Are you to be inconvenienced?” Through every incident His Will & Compassion were molding mine to His. When I objected, I had an acute awareness of being out of synch with His desires; when I reached out, life & love flowed to the hurting, Two hearts beat as one, His will became my will, His compassion- my compassion, His being-my being, His thoughts-my thoughts and even unto My voice being as His voice, My hands-His hands in Healing,  a Beautiful Partnering & Exchange as I began to know in a fuller sense what it is to be One with God.

1Corinthians 6: 17 But he who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit (with Him) . As I yielded my will to His, amazing things began to happen… People we’re becoming whole, suddenly! I was recieving feedback. A young woman who complained of feminine issues reported back the next day the issue stopped! I had simply said; Oh thats just not right! pointed at her feminine parts and said; Just stop it right now!” … and, it did. Our lizards lumps “that lizzards don’t get” dried up & left in the order they came as my son & I persisted insisting that they “Go!” They come more frequently now, reports of the Lord’s goodness, as I experience what it is to be one spirit with Him.

Most often these encounters no longer feel like an inconvenience; my heart leaps at the chance to share the goodness of a God who desires to intimately be One with people, giving His strength to our weakness & wholeness & beauty where pain has ravaged the landscapes of our being, spirit, soul and body. It turns out the inconvenience is really an honor.

Then the King will say to them,  “In solemn truth I tell you that in so far as you rendered such services( visiting, feeding, sheltering, clothing, healing etc) to one of the humblest of these my brethren, you rendered them to myself.” Likewise, “in solemn truth in so far as you withheld such services from one of the humblest of these, you withheld them from me.” Matt. 25:40+

How closely He identifies Himself with us, and how closely we can identify with Him, if we are willing to be inconvenienced…..if we are willing to experience our being One….

Experiencing Oneness

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