The Glory Doorway

I reached to access a storage container and stopped still, staring. Brilliant sparkles winked and twinked in the air before me. There was nothing special about this corner of the room, or the room itself. I hadn’t stood up too fast, I hadn’t bent over; I wasn’t “seeing stars” but I was seeing … Starry lights. Then they disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.
I was left in wonder…

They next time they appeared, I was telling my son something about Jesus. I was multitasking and in next room as we dialogued, but as I walked into the same room as he, I stopped abruptly. Dancing before my eyes, and in a cloud like cluster about a 1×2 feet in depth and breadth were these effervescent diamonds. Slowly turning my gaze, I sized up the cloud.

I asked if my son saw them. “No.”  

But I saw them, as clearly as I was seeing anything else in the room. 

Filled with wonder…Awestruck wonder. 

This must be glory

Now, hope rose in place of surprise. 

This. Was. Real.

Scientific training has had its use; considering correlations, one was definitive. I had been shifting my focus considerably- it was all on HIM: Jesus, Dad, and the Holy Ghost. Something was changing. Joy was becoming a constant companion. Praise and worship came in bursts and raptures. It felt like a endorphin high only better and longer lasting. And then…the glory began to appear. It. Was. Beautiful! 

This encouraged me to engage with Him even more. I was dazzled. This was how things were meant to be! Heaven in Earth; as above, so below. 
I often listen to messages as I fall asleep at night. I like the first and last of my day specifically centered on the Giver and the good news of the kingdom. Following the treasure clues, I often stumble upon Gold. Around that time I discovered a Joshua Mills podcast- it was truly the title that caught my eye. 


I listened attentively, absorbing the beauty of Jesus. Then my prophetess friend asked the next day if I knew anything about Jesus & a glory door, because Holy Spirit mentioned it- I shared the link and happily went on to part 2.

However, this particular night, the glory doorway appeared differently in my dreams. 
Glory spilled out, it’s golden luminescence beautiful, but inaccessible except for the sliver of beauty I could see from the crack beneath the door. The door was shut tight, leaving me in outer darkness. I could only stare at the door with a sense of loss.

Consciousness began its work, and with it came a sense as though joy had dropped through the bottom of a trap door. It felt sucked away and in its place was an adipose, nauseous sensation. 
Feeling drugged, I realized I’d been “slimed” by an enemy. It was the best my mind could offer at the moment. For several days afterward I felt that spiritual residue I had encountered in spirit via night vision, affecting me inwardly and outwardly. I couldn’t seem to shake the sense of gross residue.
 My thoughts often returned to that crack beneath the door where glory awaited me on the other side. Worse, a void replaced the joy and passion building in momentum beforehand. Everything I had been experiencing now seemed inaccessible and far removed. I didn’t know how to get back to where I’d been. It all felt so real, so affective, and so continuous.

Days passed and with them the slimed sense. Still, I felt rather defeated somehow, and I didn’t understand how this had occurred. I wanted the glory back! The union I’d been experiencing with God was the best sense of life I’d had yet, I knew it was supposed to be my everyday normal, and somehow…I’d lost it. 
Soon, as the Lord taught me, I came to realize that I’d fallen for an old trick. Perception is a powerful sensory experience! The defeated enemy has limited strategies to work with but they’re not going to just go quietly into the night without a final last attempt to influence our beliefs. They know how reliant we can become on our senses and feelings, and they will manipulate our perception if they can. They will try what they can to distract us from engaging with God to the fullness- good thing they’re no match for us and the Giver of good gifts.

It was partly through this experience I began to learn to walk more by faith than my senses, or lack of. Because my senses felt locked out of the glory, and the gross residue felt so tangible, I behaved as though it was true. My feelings led the way. In reality it was nothing more than illusion. A magic man’s trick. We don’t have to be poisoned by a negative experience. 

As I learned about truth trumping feelings, and sense, I began to stand in the knowledge of Him. Jesus Is the Glory Doorway. Jesus is the Door (John 10:7) What He opens cannot be shut and what He shuts cannot be opened (Revelations 3:7) especially by a defeated enemy. The door stands open for all who are willing to enter. (Revelations 4:1)
For I am persuaded beyond doubt (am sure) that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening nor things to come, nor powers, Nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8: 38,39)

I paid less attention to how things felt or seemed, and studied about our union with Christ, our oneness. I chose truth; truth trumps feelings, senses, and experiences.

In that manner I learned strategy: to know the enemy was still beneath my feet, even if he managed to lob a smoke bomb,  and my emotions are subject to the spirit of Truth. The schemes of the enemy backfired. 

As this became my greater reality, I briefly caught a sparkle again, and realized they have been there all along. It was only my awareness that changed. Now, I often see them, without thinking about it. They are part of us.

“I have given to them the glory and honor which You have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We are one…”             (John 17:22)

Being one spirit means we won’t be separated. We have an all access pass- His name is Jesus. When we know the truth, we know we are free. Free to live in the Glory and majesty of God all all times.


6 thoughts on “The Glory Doorway”

  1. Great post! I have similar experiences, but for me it’s not usually seeing, but feeling. Instead of seeing glitter, I tangibly feel a powerful vibration around me. I have realized that it’s the Lord’s glory that is always present, but I have become aware of it.

    It is so important to tangibly experience the Lord’s presence. Yet at the same time, we must learn to not rely on our feelings.

    Dan Mohler said when he first started healing the sick, he felt lots of power. His whole hand was numb and vibrating, he felt electricity or heat, etc. Then it suddenly stopped. He asked the Lord “Is something wrong? Why don’t I feel anything anymore?”

    The Lord responded. “No, nothing’s wrong. I’m taking the limits off of you. You don’t have to feel anything for people to be healed.”

    Dan learned to not rely on whether he feels God’s glory or not. It’s a fact. It’s there. Since then, he sometimes does feel God’s power, but he doesn’t rely on those feelings.

    It seems to me that being aware of the Lord’s presence regardless of our feelings, is what often leads us to feeling/seeing/sensing his glory in a tangible way more regularly. I have learned that the Lord’s glory surrounds me and the Spirit of Christ lives in me whether I feel it or not. It’s often when I just focus on what I know to be a fact (regardless of feelings) that I have a tangible experience with His glory.

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    1. Thank you!
      “I’m taking the limits off you”. ~yes I love that! It’s so true, what a great teacher we have.
      Your last paragraph- yes I agree that is the key, all things work by faith. Expectancy in belief. Once we know something is factual, we can have faith for the next thing and grow even more, and become established in each area, unshakably.
      It’s amazing the various experiences He has for each of us; your experience sounds intriguing too. I’ve felt vibrations as in it feels like I’m vibrating, but your description sounds a bit different. That would be awesome to feel. Overall, it’s a great comfort and strengthening to know, as you said, reliance is different than enjoying.
      Thanks for sharing your own growth experience, greatly appreciate it!

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      1. I always related this experience to what the Apostle John said in 1 John. “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.”

        To me, that means God’s word isn’t just a nice theory or philosophy. I have touched it. It’s tangible and has substance. And Jesus is the Word of God! I place high value on having a tangible experience with God-Jesus came in the flesh.

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  2. I feel so blessed to be right where.i am right now. God knows what we need…and I needed to be reminded of the wonder the beauty the magenta of the King. I feel the fire of God And I’m sure this is a defining moment in my life. I’ve been in a wilderness due to personal issues. I became numb ..even tho I’ve experienced the glory the power of God. This is a doorway for me a return to the greatest relationship I’ve ever known the greatest love I’ve ever felt. It’s like someone came and held my hand and said this is the way back.Thank you very much. God shows up in the most mysterious sometimes simple ways.

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    1. I’m so Glad this has benefitted you Crystal, we are meant to live in the majesty of God. You’ve blessed me with your comment. This is the reason I have this blog; it’s a joy to know one life is touched and changed. I pray that you are empowered in your inner spirit and encounter the One who loves us so.


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