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Whatever Happens, Be Still!

Dream Applications: Receiving Words of Knowledge and Wisdom for your times.

In the cloak of the dark, under lamplight, my husband and I walked towards a white four door sedan. Around us other people also strolled their own ways. Once in the car things rapidly changed. My husband was in the back seat and I in the drivers seat. With steel in his voice he said, “Whatever happens, Be Still!”

In the next moment a great grizz of a bear smashed through the back window swiping at my husband. I slung my body and huddled against the drivers door with my arm and elbow raised in self protection as a young lion then jumped through the window as well, into the passenger seat beside me. Its gaping jaw opened inches from my face as it roared. Immediately my base survival instincts kicked in and I began flailing at the lion, while my husband wrestled the bear. I felt my bare skin push through warm slime as my arm slipped in the lion’s mouth. I pulled back and did my best to use both thumbs to jab into its eyes and gouge them. This repeated until the lion finally shook itself and jumped out the passenger door window, leaving me with a sense of being stunned. Then the dream abruptly ended.

When I woke, my mind immediately began to process… What was That!? As my thoughts and emotions began to take order, I realized that the skin on my arm had never even grazed those razor teeth. I had only felt the warm slime as my hand and arm slipped through as I tried to hit at it, resisting with all my might.

In the days that followed I began to understand the dream’s purpose. A word of Knowledge and Wisdom had been given to me regarding literal events that were quickly about to unfold. We had been on an wonder filled journey of restoration as a family. (More about that in another post.)

We had sold the house we had bought and restored and planned to build our home on the four acres God had helped us purchase prior. Since it was bare land, we began from scratch and started the shop that would house the cabinet making and finishing business my husband I had started a few years before. We had estimated a couple weeks or so until we would be able to move into the living area we had included in the shop plans, so we moved in with my parents for the short interim.

The couple weeks turned into nearly 8 months. (*8 is the number of restoration, and many such synchronicities had been taking place) By the time we were planning to move out of my parents house, the condo board mailed legal papers stating that we had been there too long and must move out or legal action would be taken. No conversation occurred asking how long we might stay or when we planned to move, just an ugly letter from the condo board– Out or else.

Though it was rude and an unnecessary manner of asking us to go, fortunately, we had already been making plans to move to our own place April Fools day. We packed up and began our move. The weather was beautiful, the kids were running about helping and getting in the way-–perfect. The Peace Officer was an unexpected addition to the chaos that was already underway as we unloaded and squeezed everything into the reduced living spaces.

” You can’t live here.” Come again?–what was he talking about? Its our property, of course we can. “You can’t live here, its illegal.” He noted our blank looks, then began to reveal “people” in the neighborhood complained that there were kids living in the garage and mentioned a restrictive covenant in our purchase agreement. At first I just stared at him. Then my ire began to rise as I processed what he was saying. He began to look nervous and my voice took on a “tone” and I shared a few thoughts with him. Speaking of bears, the proverbial momma bear in me awakened and growled, standing on hind legs.

He explained that the legal covenant we had signed in the purchase of the property had some very fine print.  He stated that holiday campers were allowed to be lived in on the property while we built the house, but we had to apply for a legal suite designation to use the shop as living space. Never mind that it had 1.5 bathrooms, a lunch room with full kitchen, two offices upstairs and a loft area. None of that mattered because we hadn’t known to apply to the county for a legal designation of living quarters or an “in-law” suite before we built it.

He departed leaving us in a stupor of surprise and growing frustration. No names would be given of who had a problem with us living in the shop, and once again, no one had bothered to come talk to us about their concerns.

We couldn’t go back to my parents, and we weren’t allowed to live in the shop quarters. We didn’t own a holiday trailer either. With four rambunctious boys, not just anyone was going to invite us in to stay, and we hadn’t planned to start building the house for another two years. We were caught between two legal entities with nowhere to go.

The dream didn’t immediately come to mind when the peace officer had discharged his duties but filtered into my consciousness at a later point. The community in the dream literally consisted of my parents condo community and our subdivision community. The white sedan represented our innocent actions taken to provide for our family. The peaceable dark summer night symbolized our unwitting motives, and troubling events we were about to enter through underhanded tattle-taling of the community members, and the enemy’s intent to trap us and prevent us from fully realizing our restoration and blessing the Lord had promised. The bear and the lion-obvious enough-our prowling enemies sent to devour us and stop our blessing.

Since we had no where else to go, we went inside our shop for the night. We began investigating the why and to who this mattered, and to see if we could change the designation of the shop living quarters. We were getting nothing but red tape as staff turnover at the county office kept delaying our process, and they wouldn’t share who had made the complaints. We had wanted to express to them we weren’t making our kids sleep on the cement floor, they were being fed and clothed and were perfectly fine, better in fact, than camping in a trailer on the property.

My soul was troubled so I shared at my shop kitchen table with my prophetess friend what was going on, expecting at least a sympathetic ear. What I got was listening nods and then abruptly, laughter.


At first I was taken aback. I inquired. She shook her head and went on laughing, then apologized saying she wasn’t sure why. Afterwards I recalled another occasion where she began to laugh when I spoke. This was another whole new area we were about to learn about warfare and justice (More about that in another post.)

A few weeks went by before the Peace Officer returned with his same lecture. We expressed our attempts to work things out and were informed that we could be forcibly removed and if necessary, they would come with crow bars and rip out the cabinets and everything else in the shop so that we couldn’t remain there, it was our choice. Vacate or the wrecking crew would be sent. Unbelievable right? So much for a sense of community. Now I was angry…and somewhat combative in attitude. You’re messing with my kids!  He took some steps back like he was unsure, my husband intervened, and the officer went on his way again.

“Whatever happens, Be Still.”  I wondered at it, asked for understanding. I knew I was given the instruction for this time and was struggling how to apply it. Feeling powerless was too familiar of a feeling. I’m sure you can relate. It makes even the most amiable person feel a bit driven via desperation.

We had even borrowed a camper and pulled it right out the shop doors, spending most of our time in the shop, but spies weren’t satisfied. Like birds of the air they spread their discontent believing we did not conform to their expectations. Back to the county office we went, only to discover a new person in charge who knew nothing of our process. We had to start over.

As a mother, I expressed our plight to the new guy, saying that “someone” would rather our kids live in a tent on the lawn than inside a furnished and appropriate living space. His flippant reply appalled me. He laughed and said “better put up a tent!” By this time it was nearing late fall, with our now typical earlier arrival of  winter soon approaching– no sane Canadian tents in the winter long term. One look at my face stopped up his laughter. I managed to bite my tongue, but my eyes shot lightening bolts. The process began again.

We do not war against flesh and blood but against powers, and principalities in heavenly realms. Ephesians 6

I had already learned a great deal about how the enemy of our souls works, and how to handle it, but this was a new learning curve for me. I knew it only appeared that my enemy had skin on, but our adversarys were using the powers that be as human puppets to thwart our every effort.

Finally, I suggested that we talk with the person who had turned the land into acreages to see if he had complained about us, or if he knew who had the issue with us. He admitted a part with an Polly Anna “Oh gee maybe something I said created this” type of reply. He had been worried if we lived in the shop, we might decide to stay in it and not build a house, so he had shared the legal caveat in the purchase agreement (though we were well under the time allotment deadline) and bylaws to the authorities. He also mentioned another neighbor who had formally complained.

Now it was clear who and what the bear and lion represented leaving us choices to make.

By this time we felt so harassed and tired like the trees whose leaves were already coloring, we started building the house a year earlier than intended, stretching our finances into minor contortions. We also went back a third time to the county and found we were to deal with yet another new person. This one had more compassion fortunately, and time and the economy drop brought changes to policy so she was willing to try to help us get the suite made legal.

Throughout this process, some of our kids were old enough to understand the problems and were worried. I took one of my worried sons and pointed out the shop kitchen window to a spot, and said, “God will help us. A house is going to be built right there; watch and see.” By this point I had recovered my peace I had let go of when the trouble came. Not only did they watch, they helped with the foundation and other parts of the build.

The bear and the lion were no match for our Heavenly Father who had promised restoration. Before all this issue began, I had been learning about “stillness’ and listening to Graham Cooke’s message on ” Stillness.” Thus, the instructions, “Whatever happens, Be still!

I could have went through the entire process in peace and rest.

In quietness and rest shall be your confidence.

My friends reaction should have been another clue to just calm down and be still, knowing that He IS MY God.

God sits in the heavens and laughs…

It’s true that my flailing resistance to my enemy caused him to turn and flee– just like the word says, “…the enemy prowls around like a lion, seeking who he may desire. Resist the devil, and he will flee.”

However, God was teaching me a new way of warfare that was so polar opposite to what I had learned before. No need to get combative. No need to raise one’s voice and shout down the enemy. No need to for any of the, at times, exhausting manner of warring that I had learned in my early days.

This strategy called for peace. For stilling myself in His presence, confident that He was at work, and would prevail on our behalf. He had spoken and so it would be.

ALL I really needed was to be still and believe. The rest would work out. He had told me to ask for upper and lower springs from him, just like Caleb’s daughter had. So I did. We ended up with two properties, the restored house we sold, and the one we live in now.

In faith I had named our acreage, “Caller’s Springs.” The name is a translation from the book of Judges. When Samson had slain all his enemies, he thirsted. Then he called out for water to refresh him. And God responded, creating a spring to rise and gush before him–amazing kindness. Then Samson drank and was revived. Samson didn’t do everything right either, but God was faithful, just as He promised.

It was such a fitting name for our acreage, since we too had been on a journey of overcoming our enemies and being restored, Revived. This story is somewhere around the mid-point of our journey. IF you were blessed reading it, watch for more posts to come sharing other parts of God’s kindness and creative restoration process in our lives.

May you all experience the restoration you are seeking, and be fully revived in the process. Remember, there is a kind of warfare that engages by being still, and knowing, HE IS OUR GOD.

Check out Worship Mob’s song “Defender” with spontaneous worship on YouTube.




When God seems silent in tradgedy

We are ever discovering who God is. Sometimes He may seem silent when we feel like we most need to hear Him speak.

We might react in feeling abandoned, interpret the sense of void as rejection, or indifference on His part. Feelings influence our sense of interpretation, and schema we develop our world view around. They can be highly effective, or disruptive, and therefore need to be processed through discernment.

One of the reasons I love the written word (scriptures) is that I can go search Him out even when He seems MIA, and  be reminded of the truth of who He is even when feelings and thoughts contradict. And I love the rhema word- the “right now” spirit to spirit communication that comes through relationship with Him and gives knowledge and instruction in a moment.

When my brother (in law) died in March I was in utter shock– my expectation was a physical miracle. The shock that accompanied his death carried a sort of numbing quality with it.

In the days that followed, I came to sit in God’s presence. I didn’t have a lot to say, some things seemed futile to ask or say,  sometimes I just wept–my words forming in tears and deep sighs. At some point I began to think on how I wasn’t hearing Him say anything to me, yet I knew He was actively present.

Still I took time specifically to come sit in His presence. During one of these times, I suddenly understood–

He was sitting in mine.

He didn’t immediately start filling up the air space with words as we often do in an effort to comfort either ourselves or the one’s whose loss is so deep. Just as for seven days Job’s friends had the sense and wisdom to simply sit with Job in his pain and misery without explanation or instruction, just to be with Job in stillness and presence, HE came and sat in mine.

When we experience a deep sense of loss and pain, He doesn’t fill the air with platitudes, and cliches as people often feel compelled to do. He draws us into His arms and rests his kiss on our heads. Lets us soak in His strength, comfort and healing. He prepares our hearts to be able to listen and receive. He gently ministers the salve and healing oil, so that numbness abates and our hearts can hear.

And when we are able and ready to hear Him speak, then He does. The sensitivity of God makes Him the greatest friend anyone can hope for.

When He begins to speak, He doesn’t always speak to the things we are wanting to know. He speaks to who we are. Identity is something we may begin to forget when we don’t see the kingdom and words of God manifest as we desire and expect to. The rawness of pain and loss can cloud “truth reality” with “experiential factuality,” and so He speaks to our identity and reveals again why we believed as we did to begin with. And He speaks of who He is. Still. Even if…

Sometimes God sits with us in silence. He is not withholding, He is not rejecting or disciplining. He is presenting us with His presence, His person. In tender wisdom, He lets us express ourselves and He listens, holding us close, lending His strength.

I began to realize the wisdom He acted in by sitting with me in silence. Silence is powerful. We are often to tempted to fill it all up with words, especially in Western culture. But it has its own purpose and wisdom. It leads us into stillness. In stillness, we find understanding, and renewal. We begin to know what He knows.

When God seems silent, lean in and see if He is really sitting in your presence, drawing you into His arms, placing his lips on your head, letting you pour out your heart, adding the salve and the oil, readying you to be able to hear. Know He is present, even if you can’t yet perceive Him. By faith, you will.

Be still, and Know,– I Am God. [j]Cease striving and know that I am God;

Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength,
[b]A very present help in [c]trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into the heart of the [d]sea;
Though its waters roar and foam,
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. [e]Selah.

There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
The holy dwelling places of the Most High.
God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved;
God will help her [f]when morning dawns.

10 [j]Cease striving and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the [k]nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”
11 The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah. NASB


The Hall of Justice: ordering, judging, cursing  

There’s a still a great deal of talk about the Courts of Heaven in some church circles. To be honest I hadn’t engaged into this newer church trend for a couple of reasons. One being my unfolding understanding of the work of Christ and the function of the believer in the new covenant. I’m not knocking other’s understanding or revelation about such matters, because there are a number of views on it, some with truth and others bordering on new age or rabbit trails. However, I have noticed a general theme as I’ve paid attention and investigated these teachings. This particular aspect is addressed in the following.

The frequently quoted basis of going to the courts of heaven is Matthew 5:25; “Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are with him in the way; lest perhaps the prosecutor deliver you to the judge, and the judge deliver you to the officer, and you be cast into prison.” WEB

One of the basic concepts of this teaching seems to be: when the devil confronts you with your failings, its best to agree with him before you get reach the judge (to avoid judgment), or just agree because you both know the accusation is true and he’s going to hammer your conscience until you admit your failing. Then he’ll gloat before the judge and do his best to see you imprisoned. Ready on your defense is your advocate and lawyer Jesus, and the Father holds the gavel.The end goal is freedom.

This agreement between two is true in its proper context. The context here is in reference to disputes between people–not with the devil. Agreeing with him could lead to all kinds of deception. It’s wisdom to try to come to an mutual agreement with someone who has a dispute with you- before it becomes entangled into a legal matter in the earthly courts. What you don’t know can hurt you- see Hosea 4.6 Misunderstanding this scripture’s context seems to have a number of people agreeing with the devil and feeling like they are being drug to or needing to go to heaven’s courts over it.

(See Zechariah 3:1-10 and Job 29: 14 for OT dealings with law and devil accusations)

Here’s what I’ve come to understand. In the new testament, Revelations 12:9-10 says that the accuser and those who joined satan in anarchy  have been cast down from the heavens to the lower airways and earth realm. He no longer is entertained in heaven due to my trespasses. God has clothed me in His own righteousness and I have been justified by Him. Therefore, when it comes to the accuser I turn a deaf ear because he no longer has any input as to my standing before the Lord, nor any space between The Lord and I. That space is now occupied by the fiery Love of God’s indwelling. We are joined as one spirit.

If I need correction or conviction- it is going to come through Holy spirit ‘convicting’ me to my righteousness, new nature, and through love, not by a created, fallen angel who left his post and function of being a covering protector  (note the function of a cherubim, of which he was beforehand).  These fallen beings get no opportunity to accuse me when I understand I have an intercessor who in a continuous manner declares me justified, the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and free from accusation  and condemnation from satan and his cronies. He gets no part of the conversations. Neither does he get the same awe and equality of standing that Jesus has, before the Father, nor us.  He was conquered and paraded, stripped of any authority he had vicariously gained. “No place was found for them (him or his minions) in heaven…” Revelations 12.8

I do not entertain him, his input, etc. He was a liar from the beginning, his native tongue is lying–why would I agree with him at all? Even when he can manage to say something factual, it has a twist in it because he became twisted through his vanity and power seeking.

In fact, the tables have turned. Now through Jesus, I’m a judge. This is what I was reminded of in a time of prayer. I could see (as in a vision) a walkway that I was traveling on which eventually led me to the steps of a court building, yet it was obviously not completely earthly–it had the appearance of two realms overlaid- heaven and earth. Given my present knowledge about my standing in Christ, I was surprised. I asked Holy Spirit what is this place? Hall of Justice. I wondered at it; why I would He show me this? As I thought about it more I began to realize that He was reminding me of a function of believers–to see earth look like heaven through enacting the dominion and authority that was returned to us through Jesus.

I had gotten to a place of feeling like next to nothing I was saying or doing was affecting power to change things. It’s been a couple of years of heavy stuff and being in a university program that demanded a lot of time, focus and effort. Sadly I had let that diminish time I spent in The Lord’s presence and had lost focus on my ability, responsibility and purpose to judge (affect change) aspects of this realm. Paul says do you not realize we (those united with Jesus) will judge the world and judge angels, I was being reminded to believe in the authority and dominion through Jesus, not judge by sight or senses of how things seemed.

We are given authority to forbid and allow, to uproot and plant, but we must use intent as we speak and pray. We are given the ability to create order and arrange things in this world from a position of authority and dominion. We are also given the ability to curse-to cause to recoil- things that do not belong, such as disease.

I had forgotten the the power and purpose of when He’d said, through a visiting prophet, I am a Deborah. She was a judge, a counselor, mother, warrior and more. Deborah or devorah means in part to order and arrange. We decide what we will allow or forbid in our world. God gave the job of managing the earth and ordering to us, his children. We are responsible for causing the earth and all that is in it to be as it is in heaven, and He partners with us to cause it to be so.

All of creation groans for the revealing of the sons of God acting in full maturity, loosing it from its subjugation and pains. Our judging, ordering, or cursing is all for the purpose of liberation and good- when we see something out of place, we speak a judgement and a reordering of how it should be. Life and death are in the power of the tongue (intent, words and voice), therefore we need to have a right heart attitude and take responsibility for what we speak or enact. This comes through practice and maturing. We can also judge out of a wrong spirit and add to the havoc in lives in a unintended or wrong manner. It takes maturity to judge correctly, yet we are entrusted with this responsibility.

Looking at scripture, we can see we don’t need to agree with the devil/satan (adversary), In fact we might seriously want to rethink that practice. We do need to agree with God about our standing, identity and all things. I’m convinced through the scriptures and through people’s experiences that agreeing with the devil simply gives opportunity for a foothold to be gained in one’s conscience by the adversary. He’s wily and looking for ways to input into our lives and bring condemnation.

We can simply trust the Word and works of Jesus that remove the input of that adversary from our lives and turn the tables so we are the ones directing and subduing, not submitting to input from fallen beings we shouldn’t be heeding. Let’s agree with God, for His mercy triumphs over judgement and He has promised to correct us as His children, in love and compassion. Take up your place as a son (daughter), priest and king– turn the tables and make things –as above, so below–

Devorah: the judge, counselor, mother, and proclaimer of victory.



I love this- may we all be so…

When I married my husband, he’d just cut off his dreads and was an avid rock climber. He married me– a girl from a small town, comfortable in everything that I knew, in everything that I’d been and was going to be.
As Johnny Cash says, we got married in a fever, and before we knew exactly what we’d done, we were home from our honeymoon, beginning the long journey toward figuring out who we were–together.
When he married me, he loved who I was, but also saw who I could one day become, and he held that vision steady. And it wasn’t a vision for what he thought I was supposed to be, but a vision still unknown to him, held by the mystery of God…continued below


The Word Opens Up Encounters

By faith we inherit…Therefore inheriting the promises is the outcome of faith and depends entirely on faith, in order that it might be given as an act of grace, to make it stable and valid and guarenteed to all his descendants… Romans 4 (Amplified).

Grace, Faith and Promise

By grace through a promise we receive. Takes a load of performance pressure off doesn’t it? Whatever point of our journey, God is anticipating using our experiences as opportunities to reveal Himself to us that we might know Him- not just doctrinally, but experientially. One of my favorite things is noticing a verse or paragraph and then experientially understanding it, or having some encounter with God and then finding a verse that affirms it. This is a story about that. Encountering God experientially after meditating on a passage of scripture for a time- Romans 4.

Singing a Love Song

I love to sing. More to the point I love to worship through song. Since I was a child, who discovered she could carry a tune and do a half decent rendition of Dolly Parton’s Jolleen, I have sung my way through life’s joys and sorrows. I grew up on Country and later imagined myself singing Jazz and Blues in the nightclubs (it was the only place I knew where crooners would be welcome).

To hone my craft, I joined school and church choirs, moved on to duets and finally “solos” then on to weddings, christian ladies brunches, and funerals. For a very short stint, I was the singer for a band called Sweet and Nasty– I was the sweet, and other members were the nasty. We had one gig at Klondike Days (K-Days) in the Christian Motorcycle Group’s tent and then I faded into obscurity. I was later invited to join another band that had some small time tour plans but by that time I had a beautiful 5 month old son, and my priorities had shifted. My band days were behind me.

At some point I decided my voice had been given by God and belonged to purposes that put the spotlight on Him alone, so I never did croon the jazz and blues as I had dreamed. But He was attentive to my heart desires and opened up a place for me to lead worship in the church, something that I had prayed secretly for but had not voiced. I was delighted! This is the background upon which my personal encounter with Him became staged…

Trial and Pain

Somewhere between singing and diapers I began to experience pain on the right side of my jaw. I ignored it as long as possible until I began getting headaches as well and sharp biting pains that would move from my jaw up the side to the top of my head, and my jaw began to click when it opened and closed. A little trauma at the dentist as a child made me anxious-avoidant but the pain became too frequent to ignore, so I made an appointment. The x-rays showed my wisdom teeth on both sides were turned and impacted. One tooth kept trying to move up into place but because of its orientation it was pushing against the molar in front of it instead. This was what caused the jaw and headache issues.

At the time I didn’t know much about the authority and power given to believers for intervention or how miracles came about, so I made my next appointment with the specialist, and began scrimping to save the cost of the surgery, around $1500 dollars. The day arrived and the doctor came out to speak to me as a preview to surgery. He asked a number of medical questions and what I did for hobbies. I shared with them that I was a singer, I sang in the church and a few other places.

He left and returned after a short examination of the x-rays with some unhappy news. One of the teeth was oriented in such a way that it appeared to go through the nasal cavity. This would mean that when they removed it, it would change my airways and my sound when I sang. Basically it might ruin my singing. Further, because it was an awkward surgery, it would be about $300 more than they had quoted me. I’ve heard this is the same reason Barbara Streisand chose to leave her nose as it was, the nose or the song. If it’s true, I’d say she chose well. Wind Beneath My Wings is a great song.

Laying it Down, Choosing Faith, Believing

This became a hard decision to make in a matter of minutes. I didn’t have more money- not in paper or plastic. And I loved to sing- I couldn’t imagine not singing. But this pain was becoming somewhat debilitating and I couldn’t see myself trying to live with it any longer. As I sat in the waiting room I turned to the Lord and offered Him back His gift I had used for His glory, as best I knew how. I said simply, “You gave me this ability to sing, and I really don’t want to lose it–but this pain is too much. I’m going to have the surgery and I’ll leave it to you whether I can still sing or not when I wake up.” I had an expectancy, and I was willing to entrust it all to Him.

An Encounter with my Beloved

I remember waking up from my own cry feeling drugged and nauseous, the nurse assuring me of where I was, that I was okay, but I must “breathe deeper”. Others had come after me and left before me, and I was having a difficult time waking up from the anesthetic. Yet before the fog lifted from me and consciousness returned, I experienced something that feels just as profound to me now as it did in that moment. It’s a little hard to describe, but I’ll attempt it and hope you can imagine how it would feel to you.

The thick cloaking presence of God was moving over and around me- I imagine like in Genesis, where it says the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep. Simultaneously I heard the most masculine, deep, strong with authority, voice speaking to me saying, “Abraham believed God”. Then I woke with a start by my own cry of pain. Please, close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sense of God’s spirit hovering and moving over you and hearing a deep voice speak the Word you have been studying back to you. It is a sense of sacred, of holy, and of power. I was in wonder and awe. I still am.

The Word Is Reality

I no longer would merely muse about Romans 4, and what that might look like in my life. I had a living encounter with my Lord, who using a short phrase and a foreknowing of circumstance chose to personally reveal Himself and His word to me in a deeper way. When I was conscious enough, the dentist informed me that although it had been scrupulously close to the nasal cavity, the tooth was not through it; I could continue to sing to, and about, the one I love. As an odd sort of bonus, a cyst was found on one of the teeth which would allow them to file a type of claim and reduce the cost of the surgery back to the original amount. I was given more than I thought to ask for.

Mediating on the Word sets us up for personal encounters with Him. Believing Him is our most basic need, and our glory. Years later I’m still singing, sharing how faithful He is to watch over His word to perform it, and that He is no respecter of persons. He will meet with each of us and perform His word.

Father, You are amazingly Good. We anticipate meeting you in both typical and unusual places and circumstances. The everyday life is a doorway to encountering your loving kindness. Thank you that your written words are gateways to meeting You, the living Word. Help us to honor your Word, make it alive to each of us, that we may intimately know you, and love you more.